Messaging - Direct Mail, Radio & Earned Media

SCG writes, designs and produces award-winning mail. Working with our professional design team, we will write and execute a mail plan fitting your specific campaign needs.

Persuasion Mail Programs

In many campaigns, mail is the centerpiece of the campaign’s effort to attract persuadable voters. In others, it is part of an integrated strategy involving other media. SCG can design programs to fit either need.

We know how to create symbols with the impact to make your message memorable. Just as important, we will craft an integrated mail campaign that repeats and reinforces your message to drive it home. We will work closely with your message team to make the mail a powerful, integral component of your overall persuasion program.

Voter Mobilization – GOTV—Mail Programs

SCG specializes in producing symbolically powerful GOTV Mail.

GOTV messaging is not about persuasion – it's about mobilization. GOTV mail programs need to motivate voters to leave their homes and go out to vote.

SCG can provide focus-group tested Get Out The Vote (GOTV) messaging that has been developed over the course of hundreds of GOTV programs.

We can organize systematic Mail Ballot recruitment programs that integrate mail and phones – including automatic interactive phone calls that allow voters to ask for mail ballots at very little cost to the campaign.

Automated Personalized Mail that is integrated with phone or door-to-door canvass programs

SCG can produce computer-generated, personalized mailings to voters who have been identified through door-to-door canvasses, live phone canvasses or automatic interactive phone programs. These personalized mailings are automatically dropped into the postal system the very day the contact is generated, providing immediate follow up to undecided voters or to recruit activists or donors.

SCG can help you choose the right mail plan to fit your budget, strategic goals and organizational needs. And we have the experience to execute...efficiently and economically.


SCG writes and produces award-winning radio spots that deliver powerful, memorable messages for electoral and issue advocacy campaigns.


SCG can design, produce and place spots in a matter of days, or we can design and execute entire radio campaigns.

Earned Media Programs

The press people who work on SCG campaigns rank as some of the most respected and talented in the business.

SCG is not a run-of-the-mill public relations firm. Our media professionals come from campaign backgrounds. Our goal is to use media to drive messages. We run campaigns.

We don’t just advise clients what they should do; we make it happen.

SCG will oversee research and polling to develop your message. We can develop an earned or paid media program to deliver that message. And we will organize and execute press events, fly-arounds, demonstrations, television appearances, picket lines, letters to the editor and work with editorial pages. Having done literally thousands of these events, we know how to use the media echo chamber and how to create a media drum beat.

And we’ve had years of experience controlling media disasters and staying on the public relations offensive.