What Can SCG Do For You?

SCG welcomes the opportunity to bring its experience and know-how to progressive organizations and candidates.

Public Affairs & Issue Campaigns: SCG has decades of experience designing and executing issue campaigns.

General Consulting & Planning Election Campaigns: SCG can analyze your district using NCEC data, the voter file and polling data. After developing a winning strategy for your campaign, we can assemble a team of experienced campaign organizers to execute the plan with precision.

Field Programs: SCG is the best field consulting firm in the country, bar none. Whether you are working an issue or running an election campaign, SCG can deploy a team of tough, experienced field organizers to any state in the union within days. SCG can conduct a paid door-to-door canvass or design and organize a high-intensity field program that can identify and mobilize voters. SCG has pioneered innovative approaches to recruiting top-flight organizers for non-partisan and partisan campaigns. We can also provide a virtual predictive dialing system that can triple the volume of volunteer voter contact.

Phones: SCG can generate thousands of calls to Members of Congress or other government officials for the lowest cost available anywhere using our state-of-the-art automated Patch-Through system. We provide live and automated Get-Out-the-Vote and persuasion calls at highly competitive prices. Our automated ID and Poll programs can do last-minute voter ID’s in the tens of thousands and can be used to get up-to-the-minute information on levels of support in various segments of the electorate.

Mail: SCG writes, designs and produces award-winning mail. Working with our professional design team, we can write and execute a mail plan that fits your specific campaign needs.

Message Development: SCG has years of experience crafting high-impact messages for national and local issue and electoral campaigns.

Radio: SCG writes and produces award-winning radio spots that deliver powerful, memorable messages for electoral and issue advocacy campaigns.

Earned Media: SCG can put together press events anywhere in the country and ensure the highest impact from them, owing to decades of experience in creative development of earned media plans and our nothing-left-to-chance implementation.

Campaign Staffing & Management: Whether you need field organizers, fundraisers, researchers, media experts or a manager, SCG has available a large pool of experienced campaign organizers ready to go to work for you.

Signature Gathering: If you’re running a petition drive, or trying to collect signatures as part of an issue campaign, SCG organizers help you reach your goals.

Research: Experience in tough, competitive political environments has honed our researchers’ abilities to dig up every piece of public information for strategic use.