Automated Patch-Through Calls

Our automated patch-through phone technology allows you to mobilize thousands of calls to targeted elected officials. This new technology cuts the cost of generating patch-through calls by more than two-thirds the cost of previous systems.

How the System Works

We take your organizational list (or a voter file) and contact the numbers using an automated outbound dialer. When we reach a live person, we deliver a message from your organization that urges the person to take action by pressing “1” (on his or her touch tone phone). The call is then transferred to the targeted elected official’s office.

The system can be programmed to leave a different message on answering devices, like a phone number to call to take action. Typically, we screen out answering devices and deliver messages only to live parties.

We monitor all call programs and can speed up or slow down the rate to ensure we generate the desired number of calls and do not overload switchboards. Response rates vary depending on the type of list. Typically, you can expect a 3% to 5% patch-through rate from a voter file. Programs can be scheduled to generate the desired number of calls across a few days or a few weeks.

The morning following each day of calling, you receive a report that details the day’s activities. If we utilize your data, at the conclusion of the program, you can request to receive a file of all the people who “pressed 1.” This list can be used to thank respondents for taking action, build organizational membership or for future calls to take action. It is our experience that those who have previously “patched through” are five to six times more responsive to future patch-through call requests than those who have not.

SCG generates a daily report that shows:

SCG can manage the acquisition of new lists for districts where none exist.


  • The price per call to the targeted office will vary depending upon the type of list used, the length of the outbound message and the costs to obtain phone-matched data for calling.
  • It is our experience that the average cost per call ranges from $1.50 to $3.50 per patch-through call generated to the target.
  • We price based on the elements listed below instead of per call to targeted office because the per call price drops substantially if a list has a better response rate.
  • Since the client receives daily reports for each target, it can discontinue calling any target it does not consider cost effective at any time.
  • Standard daily reporting is free.
  • Custom recording charges occur only when specialized recording needs are present.

  • The elements of our pricing include the following:

    Cost Per Delivered Call (45-second message example*)$0.09
    Cost Per Patch-Through Request (of any length)$0.15
    Set-up Charge Per List$45.00
    List Access Fee (when SCG lists are used)$0.013 per delivered call
    Other Service Fees
    Custom Recording Services$90.00/HR (half hour minimum)
    Mimimum Cost Per Target$150.00
    Custom Reporting$150.00

    $0.06 per delivered call of 30 seconds or less (calls over 30 seconds are billed at an additional $0.002 per second).